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Represents a graphical control used to display text in FireMonkey forms.

TLabel control shows a text. The user cannot edit this text. A TLabel control can be used to label another control and can set focus to this control when the user presses an accelerator key assigned to the TLabel control.

TLabel controls cannot receive focus.

Base class for all presented text controls such as TLabel.

The base class for presented controls that can provide several UI presentations. A presented control uses separate objects to handle a used data (data model) and UI presentation (presentation layer).

The following properties of presented controls that provide a UI presentation:

TStyledControl is the base class for customizable and user-interaction controls.

TStyledControl extends TControl to act as the immediate superclass for concrete user-facing widgets.

TControl is the base class for FMX on-screen components. Subclasses are roughly divided into primitive shapes and styleable controls.

TControl extends TFmxObject to present objects that are seen, by adding properties and methods for:

  • Size and position

The base class for FireMonkey components.

TFmxObject extends TComponent to provide low-level functionality to FireMonkey components, including:

TComponent is the common ancestor of all component classes.

TComponent is the base class for all components. Components are persistent objects that have the following capabilities:

TPersistent is the ancestor for all objects that have assignment and streaming capabilities. TPersistent encapsulates the behavior common to all objects that can be assigned to other objects, and that can read and write their properties to and from a form file (.xfm or .dfm file). For this purpose, TPersistent introduces methods that can be overridden to:

TObject is the ultimate ancestor of all objects and components.

TObject encapsulates fundamental behavior common to objects by introducing methods that:


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