This section contains information about parent classes from which FXControls classes derive. 

TCustomEdit is the base class from which all FireMonkey edit boxes and memo controls are derived.

TCustomEdit encapsulates the behavior common to all components for editing text by introducing methods and properties that provide:

Extends TEdit control providing better support for keyboard and buttons.

Here is the documentation of the FXControls package. Each of the package components has its own page describing the way it works, its properties, supported events and functions. On the respective pages, you may also report errors, suggest new features, find help and solutions to the previously reported problems. 

The documentation is currently under construction, so please be patient.

Represents a graphical control used to display text in FireMonkey forms.

TLabel control shows a text. The user cannot edit this text. A TLabel control can be used to label another control and can set focus to this control when the user presses an accelerator key assigned to the TLabel control.

TLabel controls cannot receive focus.